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Right on the seafront

The site is in the town of Vignola Mare, in the municipality of Aglientu, in the North-West of Sardinia.

Oasi Gallura

The site offers 80 camper van spaces surrounded by well-kept greenery just 50 metres from the wonderful Vignola

Camper Van Site Facilities

At disposal of our guests many services to spend the most of your stay in Vignola.

A bit of history

In the region of Aglientu we can see the signs of a long succession

In the region of Aglientu we can see the signs of a long succession of different civilizations and rule, from the Tuttusoni and Finucchjaglia nuraghe, ancient stone dwellings dating back to between 1800 and 1000 BC, to the Tower of Vignola of 1572, built under Aragonese and Spanish rule, during the reign of Felipe II, up until the more recent rural churches of San Pancrazio, San Biagio and San Silverio.

The Tuttusoni and Finucchjaglia nuraghe are interesting in that they have a tholos, or domed, structure, which is fairly rare in Gallura.

torre-di-vignola-3 During the Christian era, the first towers were built in proximity to the coasts under threat of being raided by Saracen pirates and, subsequently, also by Barbary corsairs. Around 1570, the Crown of Spain decided to intervene with a defence plan that would result in the construction of a coastal line of watchtowers. In order to raise the necessary funds, a specific tax was imposed on all Sardinian villages, even those far from the coast, in proportion to the benefits that the populations could gain from protection against raids and invasions. The Sardinian coastal defence system remained operational up until 1867. Some of the towers underwent substantial work in order to adapt them for use by customs officials. Others, particularly in the archipelago of La Maddalena, were converted into batteries for strategic control of the Mediterranean, a role that they continued to perform even after the First World War. During the Second World War, many towers were put back into operation as lookout points. The Tower of Vignola was built in 1572 to guard an area of tuna-fishing nets. It was built into a truncated cone shape with a base measuring 12 m in diameter.
chiesa-ss The church of San Pancrazio is 5 km from Aglientu. Dating back to the 18th century, it is one of the oldest and most characteristic rural churches in Gallura. According to legend, the church is the result of the devotion of some outlaws who took refuge in the neighbouring woods and rocks. In fact, it is also known as the church of the banditsThe church of San Pancrazio is a wonderful destination for walks and rides on mountain bikes or on horseback. The church of San Biagio stands in a sprawling green meadow, 6 km from Aglientu. Built in 1967, it houses the wooden statue of the martyr Biagio, carved between the 15th and 16th century - almost certainly in Sardinia - from a single block of pear wood. The jewel of the local religious heritage, the church of San Silverio, was built in 1938 at the request of a colony of fishermen from the island of Ponza as a sign of gratitude for the warm welcome they received from the local population.
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